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No Result - No Fee Collections

We collect debts in the UK, Europe and on a worldwide basis.

The debt values we handle range from £5 - £000's and include disputed, contractual and long overdue items.

Our commission rates are competitive and are negotiable for both larger volumes and sizeable debt values.

We assist with all  non-regulated debt types, our specialisation is in negotiation and providing the service level that each individual client requires.

Legal action is seen by us as an action of last resort. We do not undertake legal action on behalf of our Clients, but may recommend this course of action if we are unable to collect a debt. If we believe that legal action is a viable option, based upon the debtors potential ability to pay, we can recommend a Solicitor or the client can use their own legal resources.


Outsourcing is a flexible service designed to meet the specific requirements of each Client on an individual basis.

We will assess a Clients' requirements with them and set up an agreed recovery process for credit control or debt recovery that enhances or replaces internal procedures.

The purpose, in all cases is to be cost effective by offering a service and skill set that our Client either does not have, or does not wish to acquire.

Our outsourcing service can be for a small number of accounts per month to much larger volumes, the price is dependent upon the amount of work we are expected to undertake and is always negotiable.

If you are unsure whether we can assist, please contact us to discuss your potential requirements.


Our tracing service primarily operates to identify current addresses where mail has been returned marked "Gone Away" or no response has been obtained from collection procedures.

We believe that a successful trace cannot just be measured in terms of providing a confirmed current address.

As an example, at the extreme, providing a current address for a person who has been declared Bankrupt is fairly unhelpful, as the new address does not in any way assist with the recovery of an outstanding debt.

We charge a flat fee for undertaking a trace in the UK. We will supply a written Report, usually within 28 days, giving details of the addresses identified, plus any financial information that could affect the collection of the debt.

In addition we can undertake traces on a worldwide basis for both individuals and trading entities, prices are upon request and are dependent upon the country involved.

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