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Our Team

Our company is split into working teams to cover specific areas of our business.

The obvious one is our Collections Team who act as the day to day contacts for both our Clients and debtors.

They are backed up by our Admin Team who maintain debts on our bespoke collections system and generate the letters/emails/faxes to be sent to debtors.

Additional teams ensure that we are data compliant and that we adhere to the FCA Guidelines and the CSA Code of Conduct.

Our Management

Our management team take responsibility for specific sectors of our business to ensure the smooth running of each department whilst ensuring that larger issues are also addressed.

Therefore, for example, our Client Services Manager takes responsibility for the overall performance of our Company in relation to the services we provide to our Clients. Working to KPI's we can constantly monitor our performance to ensure that we meet Clients individual requirements and expectations.

Our management team work hard to deliver maximum returns to our clients whilst ensuring that we are meeting other agreed targets like reporting timetables and formats.

Our History

The current company was formed after a management buyout in 1998 and subsequent move to our current site in Watford in 2003.

We believe in building long term relationships with our Clients, providing ethical services, working within the CSA Code of Conduct and the FCA Guidelines. This provides each of our Clients with an agreed level of service that they both expect and deserve.

Our primary focus is delivering bespoke recovery processes that meets the individual requirements of each of our Clients.

An agreed recovery process means that our Clients have the assurance of knowing that the services we provide to them are legal, ethical and will not interfere with their public profiles as well as recovering their money.

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