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August 2021

Covid19 is still not defeated but the UK is gradually returning to some sort of "normal".


October 2020

The worldwide Covid 19 crisis is impacting all areas of business. To keep our staff safe, we have reduced the total number of staff  working in our offices. Reduced staffing levels and working further apart protects our staff. However, whilst we are trying to operate on a normal basis, we are currently not answering the telephones, but emails are being responded to as a priority.

January 2019

The start of another year and still no signs that the "Brexit" negotiations are reaching any conclusion, the whole country is in a holding pattern until there is some clarity as to where the country is going.


March 2018

The introduction of GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation will mean  a greater emphasis will be introduced regarding the transfer, storage and who has access to data.


August 2016

The effects of "Brexit" and a new Prime Minister will have profound implications for the country and the economy over the next few years. We will have to wait and see how this will impact on individual companies.

January 2016

Finally the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is beginning to understand the differences in the companies within the collections industry. Between companies that deal in consumer regulated debt and those companies like ourselves, that only deal in commercial and consumer debts that are not related to the Consumer Credit Act.


Thank you for visiting the Home Page of the UK's leading independent credit management and debt recovery company.

We specialise in providing bespoke credit control and debt recovery solutions to commerce and industry to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

Our debt recovery services for both the UK and worldwide are offered on a No Result - No Fee basis, from one disputed long outstanding account, to a fully outsourced credit management or debt recovery process.

Our primary focus is the provision of ethical and effective services to recover our Clients money by negotiation, thereby effecting successful recoveries without interfering with their public images.

The ability to provide effective collection procedures combined with a sympathetic approach ensures that we collect by negotiation, not confrontation. This is not only good business practice, it guarantees that we comply with currrent UK legislation, act within OFT guidelines and the Credit Services Association Code of Conduct.


Do you undertake legal action?

Our primary focus is to recover money by negotiation rather than by confrontation. This concept usually meets both our clients philosophy of not wanting their public images upset by debt recovery action. In addition, given the current economic circumstances in the UK, heavy handed collection processes are neither appropriate, nor are they as effective as our recovery techniques.

Do you charge a subscription?

Our debt recovery service is usually offered on a No Result - No Fee basis. Chargeable items include tracing and credit management services which are offered on a fixed fee basis.

What debts do you collect?

We collect unregulated debts in the UK, Eurozone and worldwide, accepting payments in Sterling, Euros and US Dollars. Debt values handled are from £5 - £0000's and can be up to 6 years old. Our commission rates reflect the debt values, the length of time they have been outstanding and the amount of work that has been undertaken before we are instructed.

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